Top 5 Clothing Vendors in Aliexpress that are Perfect for Wholesale Women’s Clothing

Wholesale womens clothing in the USA

Are you looking for the best wholesale womens clothing in Aliexpress? This post is for you! Based in China AliExpress is an online retail service owned by Alibaba group. Launched in 2010 in the “the world’s factory” AliExpress is the 10th most popular wholesale retail website in Brazil and the most frequent e-commerce website In Russia. Aliexpress and Alibaba topped in our 3 best places to buy in wholesale. The basic concept of AliExpress is getting the buyer in touch with the Chinese businessmen directly without any middleman being involved. 

Without any middleman being involved,  AliExpress wholesale their product directly to foreign customers at attractive prices. The buyers of AliExpress are either companies or individuals. Available in Russian, English, Portuguese, and Spanish languages this online website is ideal for any purchases.  Truly, Aliexpress is one of the best places to find wholesale women’s clothing in the USA for your boutique business.

Top 5 Wholesale Women’s Clothing Available in AliExpress

Simplee Apparel:

Wholesaling womens clothing

Operating with AliExpress for around 4 years this store has more than 98.45 % positive feedback with the wholesale clothing suppliers. Majorly known for women apparel this company concentrates more on the quality. This wholesale women’s clothing that can be shipped directly to the USA helps to bring in the latest fashionable apparel through Simplee Apparel.

With different color, designs, and fabrics these wholesale clothing suppliers help to bring in the market several fancy outfits which are perfect for plus size wholesale vendors that are looking for extra large clothing for their boutique.  With 2 million fans Simplee Apparel has reached English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian markets.

SHEIN Official Store:

Wholesale women's clothing

Set up in the year 2008 by a group of fashionistas in New Jersey, Shein has grown tremendously over a period of 11 years. Spread almost all around the world this wholesale women’s clothing vendor offers women’s clothing of different styles that offers a cool look with the touch of classiness.  AliExpress allows SHEIN to sell trending and latest apparels for both young and teenaged women. The best part of SHEIN products is that the prices are really affordable and won’t hit the pocket hard.  This wholesale plus size clothing supplier has a lot to offer when talking about fashion.

Ever-Pretty Official Store:

Plus size women clothing wholesale

This is another brand running their business in AliExpress for almost eight years has come with positive feedback of more than 98.6%. This brand is just like a dream come true for millions for women’s around the world. Managed by professionals this brand has control over all their activities. Starting from the manufacturing of designs to the sales buying in wholesale women’s clothing is fairly easy and simple stand by their aphorism “make you pretty forever”. The dresses offered by the wholesale clothing manufacturers are simply elegant and classy.

Vadim Official Store:

Vadim aliexpress whosale women clothing store.png

 Being a brand name for more than 6 years, Vadim Official Store brings casual couture in style. Vadim provides a perfect balance between high-end clothing and the price. With a 94.7% positive this brand is working with the wholesale distributors USA for 6 years and holds a high reputation. Purchasing women’s clothing from this brand in AliExpress will definitely help you to stay in style without being much heavy on your pockets.

SisJuly Official Store:

Sisjuly women clothing store

This apparel brand is highly inspired by the vintage style has been around for 3 years working with the best wholesale clothing. With a positive feedback percentage of more than 96.7 % this women’s apparel company offers clothing style dated back in the 1930s, 1940s.. 1970’s. This apparel women’s clothing brand is all about retro style. Some of the famous styles offered by this women’s brand are Hepburn Classic style, Marilyn Monroe Pin Up Style and the Twiggy Style.

Which is Better Alibaba or Aliexpress for Buying Wholesale Women’s Clothing

Best wholesale supplier alibaba or aliexpress

Though Alibaba Group owns both the platforms but there resides some basic difference between Alibaba and Aliexpress.

Down below are mentioned some of the basic difference between the Asia-based suppliers:

  • Alibaba is an ideal choice if you are forward to purchase directly from the manufacturers. The minimum order criteria for Alibaba is at least 50 in most cases and the best part of this E-commerce wholesale supplier is that you can easily negotiate the price with the manufacturer. The delivery time offered by Alibaba is within 6 months. While ordering bulk items in Alibaba one can easily order for modification or customization of products. You can easily get the logo of your company added in the items you have ordered. One may at times get the benefit of free shipping depending on the generosity of the suppliers. Alibaba doesn’t have the option for adding your products to the shopping cart. While ordering products in Alibaba one has to take care of the fulfillment of their own order.
  • On the other hand, AliExpress is an ideal choice when starting small business wholesale suppliers and want to start with small deals without the need to worry about customization and lead time. It hardly takes much time to receive a delivery from AliExpress. In most cases, there is no minimum order criterion. In AliExpress one can only negotiate the price of products when buying in bulk. This general wholesale website does not give the freedom to modify the chosen products. AliExpress offers free shipping in most of the cases. One gets the facility to add their product in the cart.  If the buyer’s address is correct then the seller is responsible to handle the fulfillment of the order.

For more comprehensive comparison visit my other post Alibaba Versus Aliexpress.

How does AliExpress work?

Being a business to customer (B2C) E-commerce wholesaling clothing in Aliexpress in the platform offering Chinese companies and individuals to sell their product directly in the foreign market. 

Just like eBay, the sellers selling their products on AliExpress are either companies or individuals.  Unlike Amazon, Aliexpress wholesale clothing primarily in the USA and acts as suppliers but don’t sell products directly to the customers rather acts only as an e-commerce podium.

AliExpress is the best wholesale clothing online website where you can access thousands of suppliers like women’s clothing, bags, electronic devices according to your choice. There are thousands of women apparel brands to choose from. With the facility of free shipment all over the world,  AliExpress has opened the doors for endless possibilities.

If you are looking for an online women’s brand that has thousands of styles to offer at an affordable price then look no further, because AliExpress is the ideal destination for online shopping!

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Top 5 Clothing Vendors in Aliexpress that are Perfect for Wholesale Women’s Clothing

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