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Buy Wholesale clothing in the USA

Clothing and fashion are one of the most profitable wholesaling products. I know that I’ve said much about this in a past post but this industry never fails to beef up newbie resellers.  Wholesale clothing USA style is widespread and the availability of tons of suppliers speaks much about the demand for the goods. Although these all sounds promising, you should be watchful for unscrupulous suppliers that sell knock-off designer pieces without the knowledge of the consumer or original manufacturer.

This is the reason why I came up with this post. I want to give you a list of local suppliers here in the U.S. so you no longer have to spend for customs charges and long distance freight expenses. One advantage of having local suppliers is you get to acquire the goods fast and you also enjoy the benefit of inspecting the inventory beforehand.

Here are nine of the best clothing suppliers I personally scouted for you. Check each one and let me know which you find interesting for your inventories.

Oasis Shirts

For a choice of casual shirts, blouses, polo shirts, and pants, Oasis Shirts is your go-to place. They have a massive inventory of bulk shirts with a variety of designs. When I say massive, it’s equal to dozens of categories for men, women, and kids. You can also avail their private label service or custom made shirts in case you’re developing a brand for yourself. All their shirts have a minimum purchase of 200 pieces which is already a good choice for medium-sized wholesale clothing USA business.

wholesale clothing USA

Vanilla Monkey

For a choice of supplier for women’s fashion, you can never go wrong with Vanilla Monkey. They have trendy options for boutique pieces ranging from simple blouses to wedding outfits. Vanilla Monkey is an overwhelming platform where you would have endless choices for your own boutique business. Aside from women’ fashion, there is a small collection of men’s wear including tops, bottoms, and outerwear.

If you like, you can also invest in jewelry that matches the clothes you purchase in bulk.

Alanic  Wholesale

From kids to grown-ups, from plain shirts to fitness jackets, the Alanic Wholesale got you covered. They are a known provider of fitness attires as well as a variety of fashionable pieces. But this company didn’t stop there as they also have a collection of footwear and services like custom making clothes based on buyers’ requests. This includes the popular and in-demand sublimation printing process. You can also find here designer jackets and their all-time classic tracksuits.

Like the Oasis Shirts, Alanic offers a private label service for your business.

She And Sky

At She and Sky, the sky is indeed the limit to the options that you have for your business. They focus on women’s fashion with the usual tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and a special collection for graduation. You can also take advantage of their discount offers that you can find on their site as part of wholesale clothing USA. If you want to inquire personally, you can catch their trade shows across the U.S. including Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Dallas.  There are also plus size clothes here that you can pick for your customers.

Elizabeth K

If you’re a wholesaler of dresses either for prom and other formal events, you can make your inventory stellar with Elizabeth K. They have seasonal collections as well as a special collection for ladies’ prom dresses. You can also find here attires for birthdays, debuts, weddings, night outs, and other events. From sequins, jeweled, and varying hues, you have options to find here. Elizabeth K is also known as the GLS Apparel for those wholesale women’s fashion trends. Their showroom is in Los Angeles, California.

LA Showroom

Looking for branded clothes? The LA Showroom is one of the biggest suppliers of such fashion trends focusing on women’s pieces. Fret not as there are also collections for kids and men here that will beef up your inventory. They have discounted deals as well as special picks that you can check. If you don’t want to be left behind on the latest releases, just go to their New Arrival page and you’ll have a detailed directory of pieces that arrive within 24-72 hours.

wholesale clothing USA

Tasha Apparel

For an inventory of women’s wholesale clothing USA, plus size, kids, and seasonal clothes, the Tasha Apparel won’t fail you. From casual clothes to boho outfits, you can find interesting deals here that will sell to your customers. The prices here vary per package but you can avail of the free shipping once you purchase more than $300 worth of inventories. If you want to bargain the landed cost, you can contact Tasha Apparel and express your intent to purchase wholesale. Just remember that they don’t have pieces for men.

Orange Shine

As a B2B platform, Orange Shine helps wholesalers top up their inventories with clothes all available at wholesale prices. The minimum orders here vary per product where some could be as low as 50 bucks. You can find a variety of style here for men, women, and kids in case you have a wide market for your business. Aside from their readily available products, you can also pre-order inventories from different brands available in their platform like Alyrose, 88 USA, Annabelle, and more.

Jelly Bean Wholesale

What can you expect from a platform powered by Fashion Magazine? Tons of trendy clothing! They focus on women’s designs that can be boutique and couture-worthy. You can also scout for jewelry pieces here and other accessories like sunnies, gloves, hats, umbrellas, belts, and footwear. And the best part is they are all available for wholesale prices.

Wholesale clothing USA deals are good for small businesses who can’t afford to pay for hefty shipping costs. If you’re looking for a local supplier, these options would also be good for your e-commerce platform. Do you agree? Let us know and below in the comment section!

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Wholesale Clothing In The USA – Where To Buy Your Inventories

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