Using Credit Card Advantages and Disadvantages for Wholesaling

CREDIT CARD For Wholesaling
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Why you Need A CREDIT CARD For Wholesaling

A credit card is a card offered by banks to their account holders. It allows you to borrow money, which is called credit, and after borrowing money, you have to pay the amount back to the bank with a certain amount of interest. It’s like a loan. Usually, if you are wholesaling you will less likely to pay the whole amount of the product. So, you will get a huge discount from the products you are buying.

Credit card companies or banks offers premium benefit if you are spending huge amount of money using your credit card. And if you are spending huge amount on your whole sale products then you will very much gain more benefits.

Now, if you are wholesaling and using your credit card to make the wholesale purchase then you would probably get FREE Plane Ticket to anywhere you want to go. Of a FREE MEAL on your favorite restaurant. Here are the top rewards credit card companies offers. Anyway, that’s only one advantage I motioned below are the big list of advantages of using your credit card on your wholesaling purchases.

Don’t forget that you can also use a fake credit card number for trying products. I mean by fake that a credit card that doesn’t belong to anyone. One example of that is a valid credit card generator that some websites offers for FREE. You can easily generate a valid credit card number without the use of any software that protects your own credit card right?


  • This type of card is useful in emergencies. Especially, if you don’t have cash at hand and found a good product to wholesale.
  • You can buy a product and pay with a credit card. You have to pay back the amount to the bank with no interest as long as you pay in time! 
  • You have the option of purchase protection where you can claim or refund the amount from your credit card institution if the product or service company or the product you bought from is a fraud
  • Some banks provide their credit card to the customer with 0% interest, which is very beneficial. This means you can borrow money and give back the same amount of money to the bank without giving any interest. 
  • The credit card holder will get different types of offers and rewards. If you choose the right credit card for yourself, which suits you like if you travel more, you can apply for an airline credit card. It will give you different offers and discounts which will save you money. 
  • With a good credit card, you can pay your debt easily and quickly. It would help if you transferred debts to your credit card with lower or with no interest. 
  • If you have a bad credit history, some credit card offers you to improve your financial life. Some banks charge you more interest if you have a bad credit history. If you pay the amount correctly in months, your history will be good, and interest charges will be less. This good history will show the banks that you are capable and paid back the amount on time. By doing this, your credit score increases. 
  • If you have a credit card, you don’t need to carry money with you. You can pay the money with the help of a credit card. You can use it online for shopping for your favorite products. 
  • You can take your money back if you are not happy with your product or store services. 
  • You can use credit in any currencies, but the bank will charge you some interest. 

The Disadvantages of Using a Credit Card On Your Wholesaling Venture

Well, of course if there are advantages then there should be the opposite side which are the disadvantages. But don’t worry there’s nothing much in here:

  • The risk of having a credit card is if you don’t pay the amount back to the bank on time, the bank will charge you with more interest. Some bank charges 20% of interest, and it can raise more if you don’t pay the amount on time. 
  • If the payment is not made on time, your credit scores will decrease. When your credit score is less, the bank will charge you with a higher interest rate on your next loan. So make sure to keep your history good. 
  • Some credit cards are limited and charge you with more interest if you use them in another country. Withdrawing money from a bank can also charge you more. 
  • Paying a high rate of interest is the main disadvantage of it. 
  • Generate real valid credit card numbers that work here.

In Conclusion

The amount of advantages outperforms the disadvantages of having a credit card for purchasing your wholesale products. There are far more advantages of it. Weather you are wholesaling clothes or what ever it is! It is very useful and the rewards are pretty great. If you spend more then you will get will more as rewards. Since you are using it for your wholesaling business then it should not be an issue.

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Using Credit Card Advantages and Disadvantages for Wholesaling

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