Starting Small? Suppliers That Work With You With A Low Budget

Starting a reselling business isn’t always a one-shot grandeur. Wise investors would usually start with a low budget, make turns out of it, and expand the capital when profit is stable. If you’re planning to practice this method, you should find suppliers that work with you on a low budget. These distributors will accommodate your price bargaining and low minimum order quantities for every product.

You don’t have to fret if your business is starting with a low capital. It’s always the case for most e-commerce platforms. Besides, you can’t gamble your whole savings in a very volatile industry where you can lose thousands of dollars in unsold inventories. If you’re looking for suppliers that can work within your budget, here are some that I personally recommend that you check. These distributors cater a wide variety of products but we’ll focus on three main products that sell like hotcakes nowadays: clothing, electronics, and video games.


As a sister company of Alibaba, AliExpress caters small businesses who can only afford small purchases of goods. Here, you can get products for as low as one order depending on the suppliers’ terms. This platform has a directory of suppliers where you can choose from in almost every product. They have $5 deals where you might secure a discount if you’re going to purchase in bulk. AliExpress is a good option as each transaction is covered by their buyer protection program.

suppliers that work with you on a low budget

Wholesale Central

If you’re looking for suppliers that work with you with a low budget for the A-Z of products, the Wholesale Central is the site to be. They are trusted in terms of bulk orders and you can contact the supplier directly from their page. Wholesale Central isn’t different from other directories but it’s worth a try if you’re low on budget but wants to get a trustworthy product provider. Their platform has over half a million products in inventory from over a thousand wholesale suppliers.

H&J Closeouts

Closeout deals are also good investments especially if there’s a demand for it. These products are cheaper but you should be careful with the quality as these are usually unsold inventories or used goods. H&J Closeouts is one of the suppliers that you can contact if you want low-cost deals. You can order by pallets or truckloads depending on the budget that you have. H&J claims to offer “rock bottom prices” for their goods so you can make more profit out of the closeout products.

Vanilla Monkey

For a choice of clothing suppliers that work with you on a low budget, you can never go wrong with Vanilla Monkey. They specialize in women’s and girls’ fashion where you can get pieces for tops, dresses, jewelry, and even plus size deals. There is more clothing stuff in their inventory. You can purchase in bulk like wedding outfits as well as men’s outerwear. Vanilla Monkey is a wholesale platform based in Los, Angeles, and if you want to buy inventories, you can sign up for an account on their website.

PCA Electronics

Are you selling transformers and magnetic solutions? If so, the PCA Electronics would be your go-to supplier for your products. They have a partnership with major chipset manufacturers like National Semiconductor, Akros Silicon, Texas Instruments, and more. PCA has a good deal of robotic spare parts if you’re adept in selling spare parts for electronics. Their products are used in a wide variety of industry including medical, commercial, aerospace, automotive, and industrial. This supplier has a low MOQ to accommodate smaller purchases.

suppliers that work with you on a low budget

Oasis Shirts

If you’re a dealer of different shirt designs, look no further than the Oasis Shirts as one of the suppliers that work with you on a low budget. They have tons of designs for both men and women that you can access on their website. From plain tees to custom-made flannels, you can find your choice of wearables here. Even kids wear can be found here. Oasis shirts have a minimum order of 200 pieces. It is considerably low compared to most clothing suppliers. Their process of manufacturing and delivering orders are painstaking to assure quality.


eSources is the Wholesale Central of the United Kingdom where you can find a local and international supplier for almost all wholesale products. They have clothing, electronics, and dozens of other categories. You can find decent drop shipping suppliers on this platform.  Just keep in mind that this may not be a good option if you’re looking for video game providers. Anyway, this is a trustworthy supplier where you have the chance to promote your own company to retailers.

Global Sources

The Global Sources is your bosom buddy since it is one of the low-purchase suppliers. From auto parts to home supplies, they got you covered. The minimum order for their products could range from 1 to 1,000 depending on the supplier’s setup. But based on the specialization of products, Global Sources focuses more on electronic goods like gadgets, machinery parts, drones, robotics, and more. You can make the most out of their “Analyst Choice” if you want some product recommendations.

Online Components

From switches to power sources, the Online Components is a topnotch choice for every electronics reseller. Their shelves have tons of electronic components from brands like APEM, OMRON, Mean Well, and Hammond. Since you’re looking for a low-budget supplier, Online Components offer a low MOQ for small business and first-buys.

US 1 America

If you’re in the U.S., the US1 America would be one of the best suppliers of video games and consoles locally. They have low wholesale prices of soft and hard copies of games, consoles, gaming accessories, PC, and gift cards. US1 America distributes almost every popular brand in the gaming industry.

Looking for suppliers that work with you on a low budget? The ten providers I listed here would surely close the deal.

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Starting Small? Suppliers That Work With You With A Low Budget

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