The Essential List of Wholesale Suppliers For Clothing

If you’re planning to invest in a fashion business, you should find a list of wholesale suppliers for clothing that can give you quality products. There are many wholesalers selling fashion trends and it’s your task to stand out. Quality is more often the deciding factor here. Retailers would look for affordable pieces but they wouldn’t trade it for quality. Buyers are getting smarter and smarter so you should also keep up by choosing the right supplier.

Fashion is a profitable business-to-business investment and wholesaling it has a high return on investment. You should remember that clothing supplies fall into many categories. So before we jump into the choices, here are some tips for choosing a supplier.

Should you choose a domestic or an international supplier?

The two options have its advantages and disadvantages. The kind of clothing that you’re targeting to buy will also affect the decision. Basically, domestic suppliers will have faster delivery and you have the freedom to visit the supplier site. This allows you to check the product before placing your money on it. There’s also relatively higher quality. The downside to domestic suppliers is the high cost of the goods.

list of wholesale suppliers for clothing

When it comes to international suppliers, you’ll get to enjoy lower product cost. However, you should be careful about the quality as this could be an issue. Customs rules might also affect the shipping time of the products. The language barrier and cultural differences might also intervene doing smooth business.

Request a quotation

The smart way of communicating with a prospect supplier is by asking for a quote. This way, you can tell whether a supplier can deliver within your expected timeframe and in the budget that you have. Like what experts say, request for quotation is the “name of the game” in terms of wholesale businesses. Always ask for a minimum order requirement and how much their product would cost if bought in bulk.

List of wholesale suppliers for clothing

If you’re ready to scout for a clothing supplier, here are some of the trusted bunch.

Maker’s Row

If you’re branding a certain clothing line, you can use the Maker’s Row to create your own products. You would have to pay a certain fee to avail their service. They make apparel, furniture, accessories, jewelry, and more products. They have a wide list of factories that you can check out to supply your goods. Your ideas, they turn into products.


If you want ready-made products, you can check out the ThomasNet platform. This is a massive listing of suppliers from different product categories. They have thousands of suppliers for different clothing types like protective clothing, women’s clothing, safety and work clothing, and disposable clothing. You can filter the results if you want custom-made pieces together with other possible demands that you’ll need. This is free to use and you can contact the suppliers directly on the ThomasNet page.

Orange Shine

For branded clothing, you can refer to the Orange Shine website. They offer the likes of 21 Degrees, 2UNIC, 12PM by Mon Ami, Zest Fashion, and more brands from A to Z.  You can buy bulk items like tops, underwear, loungewear, and more trendy options that your retailer would surely look for. There are recommendations on the site that you could also check out. Don’t forget to add this on your list of wholesale suppliers for clothing.

list of wholesale suppliers for clothing

She & Sky

If you’re into women’s fashion, She & Sky would be the best supplier of choice. They have a stock of tops, sweaters, rompers, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, graduation wear, and more. She & Sky has an office at Downtown Los Angeles if ever you’re in the U.S. and intending to have a domestic supplier. You can contact them directly so you can place an order.


Entro is another supplier for women’s clothing. They offer the same selections as the She & Sky but the range may vary upon availability. You have to pay a clearance fee of $6 to $10 to be a member and possibly inquire about bulk orders. They offer large orders just like the She & Sky. They are also located in California if ever you’re in the U.S. and you want a local supplier.


As another one in the list of wholesale suppliers for clothing, Umgee products range from tops, to bottom wears. Umgee is active in Trade shows across the U.S. and they have a highly visible e-commerce platform. You would have to register on their site to start inquiring and placing orders. If you want to save some money, keep an eye on their regular discounted sale offers. The good thing about Umgee is it allows large orders like the two women apparel suppliers mentioned earlier.

Oasis Shirts

If you’re into shirts, you definitely have to check out the Oasis Shirts. They are a massive supplier of flannels, 3D shirts, cuffs, collars, maternity shirts, and other types that suit men and women. The supplier could also do custom-made shirts for you in a specific rate. This is a good thing so you can cater more retailers on your wholesaling business. They are located in Beverly Hills but you can contact them in their website if you’re outside of USA.

Alanic Clothing

For a wholesale supplier for sportswear, you can head to the Alanic Clothing. They specialize in fitness and running clothes but you can also find here great stuff for kids. If you want, you can avail their customization services for sublimation printing or supplying for your private label. You can also get from Alanic fabric accessories like scarfs, lingerie, sleepwear, socks, towels, gloves, and more. This is a one-stop option in this list of wholesale suppliers for clothing.

list of wholesale suppliers for clothing

Vanilla Monkey

If you’re looking for a boutique clothing supplier, you shouldn’t miss the Vanilla Monkey. They have exquisite selections of dresses, cardigans, vests, blouses, and other well-loved fashion pieces. Currently, the supplier focuses on women’s fashion as well as preppy options for young girls. From casual to formal, you can get everything from Vanilla Monkey. Aside from clothes, they also supply jewelry, hats, beanies, tote bags, cosmetic products.

Got Apparel

For a supply of men’s clothes, the Got Apparel has you covered. Their products range from blank tees to military wear. They also have a good collection of business wear, work wear, sportswear, and even Halloween pieces. You can browse many options on their site that usually come in a wide variety of colors. They also have selection of clothing for women in case you want a one-stop supplier.

Kiddies World Wholesale

The Kiddies World Wholesale is the perfect option if you’re wholesaling apparel for babies and toddlers. They have brands like Minoti and Babaluno on their shelves. From premature wear to boys and girls dresses, the KWW has options for you. Aside from the clothes for kids and babies, Kiddies World Wholesale also has nursery items and school wear. Unlike most of the providers in this list of wholesale suppliers for clothing, this is a U.K.-based supplier that ships to a number of countries worldwide.

Fitness Clothing Manufacturer

If you’re into gym and sportswear selling, the Fitness Clothing Manufacturer will be your go-to supplier. They have more than 400 products that cater both men and women. They have a minimum order quantity of 200 pieces per product and expect production time at a maximum of six weeks. If you have a private label, you can still avail their service. They create tracksuits and other activewear pieces.

JellyBean Wholesale

The JellyBean Wholesale specializes in women apparel including plus sizes, accessories, handbags, clothing, shoes, and gift items. It’s a wholesale platform of the Fashion Magazine so you’re assured of getting the latest trends. Every day, they add new pieces on their collection to give you diverse options at the least possible wholesale price. As one of the list of wholesale suppliers for clothing, they ship internationally but if you’re from U.S., they’re located at Los Angeles, California.

list of wholesale suppliers for clothing

American Apparel Wholesale

If your market includes unisex demands, you should check out the American Apparel Wholesale. They have pieces from infant to adults for both genders and anything in between. The supplier has the classic pieces and is a celebrated supplier in the wholesale arena for being part of the Gildan Group. If you’re in the U.S., you can make use of their store locator for a personal visit. They ship internationally if you’re outside of the America.

Style Korean

Feeling the KPop fandom? If you’re wholesaling Korean clothing, you should check out the Style Korean. They are one of the biggest suppliers of Korean clothing and cosmetics. They are based in South Korea but they also have two offices in the United States and another one in Hong Kong. From over 120 brands, you will be a total sell out.

This list of wholesale suppliers for clothing is just some of the best providers that you can find. Most of these are based in the U.S. but luckily, they ship internationally to reach your business. What do you think of the suppliers?

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The Essential List of Wholesale Suppliers For Clothing

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