How To Choose The Right Wholesale Video Game Suppliers

Video game products are moneymakers. It’s a continuously selling industry where teenagers and grown-ups hit the shelves to find the latest versions of their games. Of course, the parents also have their share of interest to their long-time favorites in the PlayStation console. If you’re a wholesaler, it’s easy to think that investing on this one would surely yield higher capital turns. But that is if you have reliable wholesale video games suppliers.

Finding a distributor for your gaming products is not an easy task. There are many platforms nowadays that offer a wide listing of distributors but it’s not a guarantee that all of them will meet your demands. You have to find a supplier that can top up your inventory with the latest video games and consoles. This is the key to stay in demand to your retailers.

So before you scout for potential options, here are some points to keep in mind so you can land the best video games distributor.

Know what you want to sell

Do you want to sell consoles? Video games? Or both? Knowing what you want to sell to your retailers is the first step to finding a distributor. You should also decide what console brands you’ll be marketing. The likes of PS, Xbox, Wii, and Nintendo never go out of season so it might be wise to add this to your inventory.

Always keep an eye on the latest releases of video games. It’s also best to find a supplier that can advise you on scheduled releases to get you an inventory of the products. If you’re planning to sell dozens of brands, it’s best to have multiple wholesale video games suppliers.

wholesale video games suppliers

Be realistic when it comes to pricing

Always doubt suppliers offering as much as 50% off from the wholesale price. This is especially true for new releases as the latest versions of games would cost a lot. Such thing is the same with consoles from top brands as too cheap pieces would mean defective units or knock-off products. You wouldn’t want to purchase this as your business would be irreversibly jeopardized.

Be realistic when dealing with suppliers. It’s tempting to sign up for an affordable deal but it will pay off to inspect the product first. The prices of new releases won’t usually go down by half on its first two years in the market.

Always compare prices

A smart wholesaler would always compare prices before buying bulk inventories. Too good to be true prices are hard to trust and you should be willing to lose a part of your capital if you invest in it. It might be a scam or closeout pieces that have irreparable damages.

When scouting for inventories, take time to compare prices from different wholesale video games suppliers. You can always ask for a quote so you can save more bucks without compromising the quality of your goods. Significantly affordable deals are barely authentic and it will surely receive a backlash from retailers.

Select the trusted few

In the video game trading industry, there are trusted suppliers that you could consider. The likes of Gameworld Distributors, WholesGame, and US-1 America are just some of the platforms where you can get consoles and hard copies of video games. Most of them have decades of experience in selling these products and you have the assurance of quality.

wholesale video games suppliers

If your retailers are looking for closeout deals, it won’t hurt to invest a part of your capital. However, proceed at your own risk as these products would usually have damages in it. Always declare it to be closeout pieces to your retailers to avoid any conflict.

Authenticity is the name of the game

Never deal with a distributor that sells fake consoles and video games. Aside from the issue of quality, you’ll also be putting your business on the chopping board. Retailers might return their orders or complain about the quality. You might lose your patrons that will result in a drastic cut in your profit.

One thing that makes wholesalers stay in the industry is their pledge to authenticity. Sure thing, the market is flooded with knock-off products but it’s your job to know if you’re getting original units. Be knowledgeable about the products you’re selling as the first defense to avoiding inauthentic units from unscrupulous wholesale video games suppliers.

Ask for guarantees

Many suppliers won’t offer return guarantees but if you can, find one that has this guarantee. This will reduce the risk of losing profit and leaving a bad impression on your customers. Most of the time, distributors who sell brand new units would have no guarantees to offer as they handed over the products in good condition.

One thing you can do in the absence of guarantees is to look for positive feedback from your prospective distributor. You can also visit their showroom and inspect the products you’re planning to buy before the actual delivery.

Some online platforms like Alibaba have a wide coverage for products that will turn out to be defective or far from what you ordered.

Is it worth the long-term commitment

Finding a video game distributor is a long-time commitment especially if you’re planning to be in the business for long. Always weigh your options. Will this distributor supply you with products for years? Can they deliver consistently? These questions will help you choose one.

Video game wholesaling is like selling clothing or electronics. It’s ever-changing in design and versions. Find a supplier that can keep up with this demand. That way, you can continuously expect profit from your business and satisfaction from your customers.

There are many wholesale video games suppliers that you can find nowadays. The only task is filtering which one can actually deliver their promise. This way, you can protect your capital and have guaranteed profits. What do you think? Do you agree with these points? Chat with us in the comment section!

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How To Choose The Right Wholesale Video Game Suppliers

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