The Wholesale List of USA Suppliers You Need Right Now

If you’re in the U.S.A. and looking for domestic suppliers, I have good news for you. There are tons of local suppliers for every product that you can think of selling. From general merchandise up to more specific goods like window shutters or military vests, they have everything for you. The only thing you have to do is to find a decent wholesale list of USA suppliers that will deliver what’s promised for your business.

One advantage of having domestic suppliers (if you’re in the U.S.A. in this case) is you have higher quality and faster delivery. Although the price range could be higher, it surely won’t hurt your profit that much if you buy in bulk. The important thing is you know what’s trending and what will be a big hit for the consumers.

Here, I’ll provide you a hefty list of U.S.A suppliers in major product categories.

Clothing and Footwear

She & Sky

If you’re looking for women’s apparel, the She & Sky supplier would a good choice for your wholesaling business. They are located in Los Angeles and they have been thriving in the business for more than 15 years now. You can catch them on trade shows or contact them directly through their website. Watch out for their 30%-50% discounts.

wholesale list of USA suppliers

Wholesale Fashion Couture

For a fashionable choice of couture clothes, the Wholesale Fashion Couture is the go-to place. They focus on women’s fashion in a wide variety of sizes including plus size and seasonal collections. This supplier is also located in Los Angeles but their website is always available if you want to inquire.

Alanic Clothing

For a supplier that has everything from men, women, and kids’ clothing, you can check out the Alanic clothing. They offer wholesale deals for a wide range of designs including fitness and summer outfits. You can also avail their customized service if you’re into selling sublimation and flannel shirts. Anyway, they also have a massive collection of footwear that you can check out aside from the other providers in this wholesale list of USA suppliers.


Kiko Wholesale Group USA

This supplier is located in New York, New York and is a massive provider of electronic products like home appliances, IT, cell phone accessories, and other related items. They also have cell phone and tablet products that you can buy in bulk for a discounted price. You can also explore their general merchandise offers if you’re planning to wholesale more products.


Whatever electronic products you can think of, you can check out Megagoods for it. They have branded items with a promise of fast shipping so you can start your biz right away. You can find here alarm clocks, Bluetooth products, and more advanced electronic items like Nintendo Wii and home appliances.



If you’re near Beverly Hills, California, you can check out the exquisite collection of OASIS Bags. From diaper bags to travel bags, this is exceptional in this wholesale list of USA suppliers. If you want, you can avail their private label service to have custom-made bags designed for you. Aside from all types of bags, they also make wallets that you can buy in bulk as well. So far, they have 400 bag types in their collection.

wholesale list of USA suppliers


Claiming themselves as the “Handbag Experts”, PURSE PROS offer very fashionable options for both men and women. They have the usual tote bags, purses, bowling bags, hobos, purses, and backpacks. They also create high-quality men’s bags from different materials like canvas, leather, and fabric.

Houseware and Décor

Amish Traditions

For cabinets, furniture, and other fixtures for indoor and outdoor use, the Amish Traditions would be a great provider in this wholesale list of USA suppliers. They use oak and cherry wood and they can provide supplies for wholesalers. However, they don’t have other decors or homewares. They are currently located in Oregon.

Koehler Home Décor

From figurines to kitchen stuff, you can find everything here. The supplier is based in Portland, Oregon and they are massive providers for houseware items. You can also check out their unique gifts section that has unique household products that will sell out to customers.

Baby Items

The Hair Bow Company

If you’re looking for boutique apparel for infants in this wholesale list of USA suppliers, you should consider the Hair Bow. They have stuff like hair bows for babies, tutus and pettiskirts for toddlers, and other clothing pieces. The supplier also has rolls of tulles as materials for veils and tutus. Aside from this, they also offer accessories like flower clips, socks, and necklaces all for wholesaling. They are based in Pearland, Texas.

wholesale list of USA suppliers


This supplier has swaddles, onesies, bibs, sleep gowns, toddler dresses, blank shirts, and wearable blankets for babies among other items. They also offer custom services including sublimation and monogram printing as well as appliqué and embroidery. KIDSBLANKS also have stuff for toddlers as well as closeout deals if you want affordable items. If you want to visit personally, the supplier is located in Sta. Ana, California.

Toys and Games

Diecast Model Wholesale

Looking for Diecast model cars in this wholesale list of USA suppliers? This provider is one of the biggest producers of diecast products with over 5,000 items on their collection. They have exquisite diecast car toys from a long list of car models. There are racecars and motor toys too that you can wholesale. This supplier is based in Los Angeles if you’re planning to inquire personally.

Cota Global

If your wholesaling business is more on general toy items, you can get a supply from Cota Global. They are based in Chatsworth, California but you can call them directly for a quote request. The supplier has themed toys as well as branded options in a minimum order of $150. They have toy glasses, luggage tags, charms, snow globes, and bobbles among their collection in this wholesale list of USA suppliers.

Game World Distributors

For video games, you can contact this supplier for branded items that came from Namco, Capcom, Atari, Sega, Majesco, Nintendo, Xbox, and more. They are located near the Central Park in New York, and if you’re nearby, you can visit their 10,000 sq, ft. showroom to browse for your choice of video games to sell. If you’re in a different state, they offer bulk shipping.

Jewelry and Timepieces

Alamode Fashion Jewelry Wholesale

This supplier has over 9,000 jewelry pieces that include those made of sterling silver, brass, and stainless steel. You can purchase rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and more pieces here. The supplier is based in Garden Grove, California if you’re planning to visit. You might want to inquire about their DNA creation designing service.

wholesale list of USA suppliers

Watches International

If you’re looking for a wide array of designs for watches, you should check out the collection of Watches International on this wholesale list of USA suppliers. They have G-Shocks, Bling Metal, Leather, Smart Watches, and more. They also supply jewelry pieces in different styles including crystal, hip-hop, steel, CZ, tungsten, and oro-plated options. This supplier has a warehouse in Houston, Texas.

Arts and Crafts

Warehouse Craft Supplies

For craft supplies with hefty discounts of up to 62%, check out the Warehouse Craft Supplies. They have items like lace, abaca, trim, burlap, tulle, raffia, and more. The supplier also has a stock of seasonal items for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and other occasions. They have a detailed pricing on their website, or if you’re in Toledo, Ohio, you can visit them personally.

Silk Flower Depot

This supplier is one of the biggest providers of artificial florals in the U.S.A. They create silk plants and flowers for art projects and venue styling. You can get thousands of artificial florals from them to be used by wedding planners, dollar stores, and interior designers.  They give quantity discounts for bulk orders. Right now, they have an office in Tampa, Florida.


Wholesale Music Warehouse

This supplier is exclusively working in the U.S.A and they have products from brands like D’Addario, Gibson, Zildjian, Takamine, Yamaha, Fender, Epiphone, and more. You can wholesale guitars, keyboards drums and accompanying accessories including strings, drumsticks, metronomes, and effects. Take note that this supplier only deal with wholesalers with a legitimate Tax I.D. You can contact them through their website.


Elektron is a providers in this wholesale list of USA suppliers for electronic music instruments and accessories. They manufacture and distribute Digitone, Analog keys, Octatrack, and Digittakt to name a few. This supplier is located in Los Angeles but you can also contact them through their website.

Automotive and Hardware

T & P Wholesale

This supplier has a massive stock of automotive and hardware tools like machine shop equipment, cordless tools, clamps, generators, chuck keys, brushes, bars, and more. They also have a complete set of Neiko brand tools and you can get discounts from bulk others. Take note that they have a $200 minimum purchase.

wholesale list of USA suppliers

Sporting Goods

Parker Distribution, Inc.

This supplier based in Russellville, Alabama provides general merchandise items as well as a wide range of sporting goods. They also have tools on their shelves. Just remember that they don’t accept returns as all the products are brand new. They have a minimum $250 order rule.

Maurice Sporting Goods 

This supplier specializes in B2B transactions all over the world. They have branches in the U.S. and one in China. Maurice has goods for archery, athletics, fitness, fishing, hunting, guns and ammunition, as well as water sports. They have more products that you can check out in their webstore. Maurice gives massive discounts during their liquidation sale.

School and Office Supplies

HJ Closeouts

For rock bottom prices, you can check out the closeout products of this supplier. They have been doing business for 25 years now and their items range from arts and crafts, office and school supplies, and sporting goods. Even if they sell closeouts, you can still get the quality that can sell to the retailers. This supplier is located in Des Plaines, Illinois and they offer free shipping.

wholesale list of USA suppliers

JD Disributors Inc.

From coffee to thermal cartridges and security & surveillance, JD Distributor is a one-stop supplier for office and school supplies. They don’t have minimum orders and they give a special pricing range for wholesalers who will buy through their online store. JD has the brands like Verbatim, Sharpie, Pendaflex, Pilot, Papermate, Scotch, Post-It, 3M, and a whole lot more.

Health and Beauty

MVP Trading Club

This supplier is an exporter of branded cosmetic and health products as well as personal care and household items. They have over 4,000 items on their shelves including Dove, Finesse, Garnier, L’Oreal, Revlon, Jergens, St. Ives, Gillette, Axe, Brut, and more. MVP offers shipping as well as product inspection through a third party called SGS. If you want to visit, this supplier is in Glen Cove, New York.


Swift Wholesalers

This supplier has very sophisticated choices of tobacco items. They have cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, filtered cigars, dry and moist snuff, and complementing accessories. You can place a bulk order online or visit their warehouse at Charlotte, North Carolina.

Seasonal Products

VIA Trading

This supplier has items for Christmas, Halloween, Summer, Winter, Easter, and other holidays. You can buy a truckload of these items or a pallet for a smaller amount. There are no minimum orders here and they are accessible 24/7 on their website. This supplier is located in Los Angeles, California.

Wholesale Resort Accessories

For summer supplies, you can reach out to the Wholesale Resort Accessories. They have snorkels, floats, beach toys, rafts, and more.

This wholesale list of USA suppliers will surely help you find your trusted distributor for your e-commerce platform. These are just some of the major product categories that most wholesalers are marketing to their retailers. Do you have something to add? Let us know below in the comment section!

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The Wholesale List of USA Suppliers You Need Right Now

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