How To Find A Wholesale Distributor For Your Business?

Distributors are one of the pillars of a wholesaling business. Without these agents, the inventories of e-commerce business would be jeopardized together with the possible profit. The relationship of distributors and wholesalers is, most of the time, a win-win situation. Wholesalers get to top up their stocks while the distributors make cuts from the bulk orders they fulfill. But the thing is it’s not easy to find one. You have to know some wholesale list distributors info before finally landing a reliable bulk supplier.

For those who are in the business for a few years now, it might be easier to scout for a new supplier. Those people would already have a network of potential suppliers as well as recommendations from e-commerce platforms. But for you who might be starting out, posts like this is a great help.

Here, I’ll discuss possible ways and places where you can find a supplier for whatever products you’re selling. There are many ways that you can contact a distributor, may it be online or personal, so there’s no need to fret over the lack of knowledge.

Join trade shows

Almost all distributors and wholesaling platforms host trade shows from time and time and this is your time to scout for your possible supplier in person. Events like these are attended by retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers like you where thousands of products are on display. You can meet suppliers face to face and make sure that you ask for their contact numbers and terms of business. This method avoids any miscommunication that may incur more cost to the shipment of the product.

wholesale list distributors info

Look for directories

Distributor directories are a big thing online and you can use our own wholesale list distributors info to look for a potential provider of your goods. The likes of Wholesale Central, Top Ten Wholesale, and Worldwide Brands are just some of the directories that you can use to find a distributor. Keep in mind that some platforms would require you to pay an upfront fee to access their listings.

Seek manufacturers first

If you want to save money by bypassing jobbers and intermediaries, you can go directly to manufacturers to acquire inventories of your products. At some point, this will save you money but there are cases when distributors can give bigger discounts when you purchase from them in bulk. Why? Most manufacturers don’t cater direct purchases, especially for small inventories.  They might also direct you to a distributor, anyway, there’s no risk in trying for this one.

Dive into B2B marketplaces

The likes of Alibaba and Amazon FBA would be the tough guys that you can check out if you’re starting a business. If you’re running a small e-commerce site, you can check out AliExpress for a lower minimum order quantity. There are also the likes of Global Sources, eSources, Busy Trade, and EC Plaza where you can immerse yourself for a dose of news and distributor recommendations. You can also join forums and networks where you can get wholesale list distributors info.

Ask for recommendations

Nothing beats the recommendations of veteran resellers. Like what I said, you can find them on forums and organizations online. You just have to be totally honest about what you’re looking for and they would surely send some suggestions. If you know someone personally who’s into wholesaling, you can ask for tips. Doing your research would also be your homework before dealing with a potential distributor to avoid fraudulent transactions.

Look for a mentor

That person doesn’t have to be as wise as Adam Smith. All you need is someone who has experience in wholesaling and weathering the supply and demand jungle. That way, you can acquire sound advice in terms of investing, dealing with customers, finding a supplier, and more. Also, remember that this is a mutual connection. You should also give your honest opinion that can be of use to your mentor.

wholesale list distributors info

Subscribe to trade publications

For someone who’s just learning the ropes of the market, take advantage of trade publications (especially if it’s free). There would dozens of ads on it where many distributors would vie for your attention. Voila! You got wholesale list distributors info right there. You don’t have to spend a hefty amount of money to these publications. At least a dozen would be fine.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

To err is human and it’s also a good way to learn. Never be afraid that you’re going to fail with a distributor as everything can be done with proper communication. Always state the specifics of the products you’re looking for. The first distributor or supplier you’re going to deal with might not be the life-long option that you have. To tell you what, it’s definitely normal!

Make every interaction productive

Are you in a trade show? Go approach distributors and let them know what you’re looking for. Make every chance of inquiring to a supplier productive by asking for quotations, contact information, and terms of transactions. It might be a little intimidating at first, but in a massive industry like this, you have to be a lion in the jungle.

Stick to quality

No matter how affordable an inventory is, always check if it meets your standard of quality. The foundation of every wholesaling or retailing business is its pledge of excellence and you can’t achieve that with knock-off goods and poorly made products. You have many distributor options; make use of it to find the best choice to top up your inventory.

This wholesale list distributors info is the basic necessity every beginner businessperson should know before launching an e-commerce platform. It might be a challenge to find a decent distributor but once you master the tricks of the trade, you’re going to do it hassle-free next time. Do you have thoughts about these points? Discuss it with us below in the comment section!

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How To Find A Wholesale Distributor For Your Business?

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