How To Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers That Match Your Style

The clothing industry is a massive marketplace. As much as there are many opportunities here, the competition is high as ever. Clothing goods are almost everywhere, and if you’re a planning to resell, you should have a group of wholesale clothing suppliers. But the task here is this: finding one that matches your style. Clothes may come in different designs. It could be for babies, teens, schoolwear, work, boutique, or couture. And before you sign up on an agreement, it’s important that you understand this part.

Reselling entails a lot more responsibilities than what you may actually think. You have to be meticulous on the quality of fabric as well as the design of the pieces.

Decide on the style

Like what I said earlier, you should decide on the style that you plan to resell. Are your customers or retailers into couture-made pieces? The design of your goods will dictate its selling point. You should keep in mind that fashion, like any other industry, is ever-evolving. It’s best to sell what’s hot in the market but be careful of its longevity.

Always base your decision on the demand of your retailers or buyers. Knowing the pulse of the market will also be an advantage here. Anyway, it’s not bad to sell a type of clothing you’re most knowledgeable about, you just have to come up with an effective marketing strategy to sell and make a profit.

wholesale clothing suppliers

Custom-made vs. ready-made

Many resellers are torn on these two options. Custom-made clothing gives an edge in the uniqueness department especially if you have a private label. However, this may take time to manufacture and the shipping time would play a big role in the process. In the case of ready-made clothing, you can order and have it shipped as soon as you have settled a mode of payment and place of shipment with the wholesale clothing suppliers.

Custom-made clothing might require a bigger capital as well since the raw materials of your products might cost more. But you can assure of more quality if you choose this over ready-made products. Hence, you should find a supplier that offers made-to-order services.

Understand the clothing business

Clothing wholesaling isn’t just about having a capital and knowing how to deal with suppliers. You should also have the knowledge of the product you’re selling. That way, bogus suppliers won’t rip you off and you’ll have an easier marketing campaign for your buyers. Knowing how the clothing business goes will allow you to maximize your profit by bypassing intermediaries and jobbers.

If you’re a total starter, it’s best to invest in a small inventory while you climb your ladder up in the supply chain. This is if you want a low-risk business with a smaller but secured profit from the start. Just remember that wholesaling entails its own risks so proceed with caution on your choice of wholesale clothing suppliers.

Look for wholesale directories

After you set your choice of clothing and you acquire the knowledge of the business, it’s time to look for actual suppliers. You can have lots of options if you will sign up for a wholesaling directory. Many platforms have listings of suppliers from different regions and continents so you can contact one closest to you. Choosing a supplier located in your vicinity will save you hundreds or even thousands of bucks from shipping fees.

The likes of She & Sky, Alanic Clothing, and KiddiesWorld Wholesale are just some of the trusted suppliers for a wide variety of clothes. They offer varying designs from infants to adults. Just make sure that the supplier of your choice can work within your budget.

wholesale clothing suppliers

Inquire about the product

Never sign up for a deal just yet. It could be a bit of a hassle but inspecting the products before you purchase is the move of every veteran reseller. Wholesale clothing suppliers can smell the stench of an inexperienced buyer and if they are unscrupulous enough, they might rip you off on the pricing and quality. Know what to ask a potential distributor and have a strong resolve when bargaining for the price. However, make sure that you’re asking for a workable range. Suppliers also need to earn a profit by making cuts from your payments.

If you’re buying bulk inventories of dresses, take time to ask for samples. A return guarantee would also be divine for a reseller like you.

Go to trade shows

If you’re quite paranoid about dealing online, your opportunity to interact with a supplier is by attending a trade show. This is where you personally meet manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers from different businesses. Most trade shows showcase a wide variety of products and for sure, there would be clothing manufacturers looking for prospective bulk buyers.

Take this opportunity to ask for the products you’re looking for and how you can connect with them for future transactions. Always converse right to the point as most manufacturers would be accommodating hundreds of other resellers on a trade show. Don’t forget to ask for a calling card.

Consider the manufacturers

If you’re selling branded clothing, it’s always best to go straight to the manufacturers. This way, you have the assurance that you’re getting original pieces and not some knock-off products with low quality. The only thing about dealing straight with producers is that they will require you to buy in bulk. If your business is too small for the manufacturers, ask them for referrals for a distributor. Most of the time, clothing manufacturers have accredited distributors for their products. This will allow you to get the products at a lower price by bypassing other resellers that will make their own cut on the product.

Finding wholesale clothing suppliers is a crucial task for every wholesaler. It is a determinant of the success of the business as well as the profit one can gain. Are you looking for a distributor too? Chat with us below and we’ll give more tips to you!

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How To Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers That Match Your Style

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