3 Best Places To Buy Wholesale Online

In this point where wholesale directories are flooding the web, it’s hard to decide which one actually works best. There are those who offer closeouts, cheap products, low MOQs, and more marketing strategies targeted to attract buyers. If you’re a wholesaler, all these simple things will make a difference in your buying decision. And at some point, you have asked yourself, what are the 3 best places to buy wholesale online?

On other posts I have on this site, I have given lots of recommendations for wholesale suppliers and platforms. I must admit, picking three is a hard task. Many wholesale platforms online are diamonds for a lot of customers (including me). But for the sake of narrowing down choices, I came up with a ‘top 3’ choice for you to check out.

But before I reveal my picks, here are some criteria that I considered.

Variety of products   

Of course, a platform that can offer its buyers with a whole lot of goods is the best pick. Most wholesalers don’t usually sell one product alone and it’s a good option to transact with a platform that has everything you need in it. From dollar store items to technical circuits, a versatile wholesale site is unbeatable.

But here’s the most important part. Quantity is nothing without quality. What I listed here are the answers to what are the 3 best places to buy wholesale online. If you got quality from a variety of options, you’re one lucky buyer.

what are the 3 best places to buy wholesale online


Wholesaling businesses are built on trust. Without it, there would be no patronage of products and the site would be filled with digital cobwebs over lack of customers. So how do we measure trust? It’s based on the feedback that previous buyers send after the transaction. Different wholesaling blogs are witnesses to these upsides and downsides that will also help you pick the top choice wisely.

If an online wholesale space keeps on giving its buyers products in poor quality, we can’t expect that they can deliver and satisfy our demands. And in this business, that’s what matters most.

Wholesaler choice

Is this platform a top recommendation for many veteran wholesalers? If so, you got something golden on your hands. The unbiased opinion of wholesalers about a certain platform doesn’t lie in terms of its service. Although you shouldn’t rely a lot on a few reviews that could be isolated cases, it’s best to take caution. Even these three I listed here have their own share of untoward transaction incidents.

Of all the criteria I will briefly discuss, wholesaler’s choice is so far the most important. Buyers like me would know what’s best based on experience and actual transactions. So what are the 3 best places to buy wholesale online? You’ll find out later.


At some point, popularity has something to do with quality service. A platform wouldn’t achieve its great heights it’s enjoying today without the recommendations of fellow wholesalers. From one recommendation to another, the wholesale place becomes famous on the web.

But don’t get me wrong, popularity isn’t the only metrics you/I should consider when picking a platform to scout for suppliers. It’s just a piece of the puzzle that makes a reliable inventory provider.

Pricing and Orders

Different wholesalers have varying price ranges and it’s best if you can find one that can cater small budget through low MOQs and affordable goods. The options I listed here are easy to use for placing orders and you’ll also have the chance to ask for quotations. This convenience is a big plus factor for me.

What Are The 3 Best Places To Buy Wholesale Online?

what are the 3 best places to buy wholesale online


If you’re not living in a cave, you probably heard about Alibaba and AliExpress. These are owned by Jack Ma and are two of the most popular and biggest wholesaling platforms. Alibaba is for businesses who can manage large orders from different countries and regions. Since e-commerce businesses are continuously sprouting, AliExpress was born. It is targeted toward smaller business that can only purchase small inventories of at least one piece.

For me, this is the top choice with its easy order placement, high and low MOQs, and product varieties.

Wholesale Central

In case you want a simple directory of suppliers, you can check out the Wholesale Central. They have almost everything that a wholesaler would look for. The only downside to this site compared to Alibaba is you have to contact the suppliers directly to ask for quotations. Aside from that, it’s a straightforward option if you’re into coming up with a list of suppliers with contact details.

In case you can’t find your product of choice, you can utilize their Product Locator to find a prospective supplier that can provide the goods.

Top Ten Wholesale

Top Ten Wholesale is a good choice if you’re supplying dollar store items, seasonal products, and other usual wholesale goods. Like Wholesale Central, this is a no-fuss platform where you order and have it delivered as soon as possible.

This site also has closeout deals that you can check out if you’re on the hunt for inventories. You have the choice to buy per pallet or truckloads depending on the scale of your business.


Worldwide Brands

I know that I ranked three but due to the vastness of Worldwide Brands’ directory, it deserves an honorable mention.  It has millions of products in its inventory where you can wade for a loot of your choice. They have been in the industry for more two decades now which is a statement of their unwavering service to wholesalers and manufacturers.

What are the 3 best places to buy wholesale online? I hope these three are also your picks over the dozens of platforms available. Whether it’s the best for your business, only you would know. Do you agree with these options? Or do you have something to add? Let us know and share your own choices with us!

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3 Best Places To Buy Wholesale Online

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