Advantages of Buying From A Video Game Distributor

Reselling is a tricky job. You have to find the cheapest (but high in quality) deals to make the most profit that you can. Going straight to the factory is a good option if you want to save money and make more revenue but that isn’t always a convenient choice. Most manufacturers of video games and consoles wouldn’t process direct inquiries let alone small orders for resellers like you. This is where video games distributors become the easiest choice.

These agents go directly to resellers to sell their products. You have the choice to order small or big inventories depending on the minimum order of the supplier. Buying from a distributor will allow you to enjoy more perks aside from the convenience.

Though this isn’t always the case, most of the time, distributors make the life of retailers and other resellers easier. There’s no need to scout for manufacturers that can accommodate direct purchases that will require upfront inventory and processing.

Famous brands rarely accommodate retailers directly as it’s not a cost-efficient move. They have their accredited distributors whose job is to seek those wholesalers and retailers to place a purchase. Bypassing their agents might just be a waste of time on your part. So why are distributors better? Here are the reasons.

You save more bucks (yes, this is true)

Buying the video games or consoles directly from the manufacturers might yield lower costs in bulk. But there are cases when video games distributors offer a lower bulk price. This means more savings for you and more budget to purchase additional inventories of the games. There might only be a slight price difference from buying it from a distributor and a manufacturer.

With distributors, you get to bargain for the price. Distributors are more than willing to accommodate your budget as long as it won’t hurt their own cut of the profit. Some resellers get to save 12% more from buying on distributors.

video games distributors

 Constant availability

Distributors earn a profit by making cuts on the products they sell. With that, they make sure that they have constant inventories of the products they are selling. This is good news for you too as you’ll not run out of stock for the goods that are faring well in the market. Such scenario is heaven-sent especially if you’re dealing with cut-throat competition in acquiring product inventories.

This increases your odds of earning more profit. Having a continuous supply of inventory secures your chance to take advantage of the demand from your consumers as long as it won’t go stale in the market far too early.

Service that exceeds with that of the manufacturer

Although not all video games distributors have exemplary customer support, many agents would go an extra mile to provide their buyers excellent service. They add value to their transaction with resellers as they, too, deal with tight competition with fellow agents. Distributors would want to have your business running so they will also have a continuous stream of income by making cuts from your purchases.

This may or may not include replacing defective products or being adept with their products to cater questions from buyers. All these simple things make a difference for a reseller like you who wants to get the value of every penny.

Making you happy is their priority

If you’re happy with a transaction from a distributor, there’s high chance that you’ll be a repeat buyer. This is why distributors strive hard to achieve buyer satisfaction. You are happy, they are happy, the both of you got good business.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have the right to demand beyond what you paid for. Distributors make ends meet by limiting their cuts just to give you cheaper deals. Be a conscientious buyer and don’t press too much for another discount.  Video games have a suggested price and if you push too much for a lower price tag, your distributor might end up leaving you for another buyer.

video games distributors

You can place pre-orders

Video games are ever-changing with updates and latest versions, and if you don’t have a distributor that offers pre-orders, you’re going to be at the end of the race. Video games distributors usually offer pre-order services so resellers would have the chance to secure inventories of the new games that will surely sell like hotcakes upon release.

Manufacturers rarely do this and they usually put the task on the distributor’s shoulder. With a distributor on your contact, you have added edge to your business.

You help other people gain profit

As you know, distributors gain profit by making cuts on the purchases of their buyers. If you buy from them, you also help other people earn revenue for a living. This is a win-win situation for the both of you while you enjoy the perks of their service. Such setup is a mutual connection in the supply chain.

Just make sure that you’re demanding a price that’s still workable. Too many discounts may end up a distributor dismayed over a transaction. Keep in mind that you need these agents as much as they need you.

Faster delivery

Since distributors usually keep actual inventories, the delivery of the video games is faster than acquiring it from manufacturers. They might offer it in bulk, pallet packages, or in minimum orders. Rapid delivery is one of the advantages of dealing with distributors as they want to maintain the good business between their buyers. Although some distributors may charge a higher rate than the manufacturers, there’s no doubt that it won’t hurt to spend more for convenience. Video games are always in demand and it’s just right that you have a fast-delivery source.

Video games distributors are great options for your reselling business. The convenience they give is unbeatable in terms of taking advantage of the demand from your customers. Do you think it’s better to buy from distributors? Discuss it with us in the comment section!

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Advantages of Buying From A Video Game Distributor

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