List of Reliable PS4 Wholesale Distributors For Your Inventory

If you were born in the early ‘90s, you might probably witness (and enjoyed) the birth of PlayStation. Within six months after its initial release in 1994, it sold over 2 million console units and was a total sell out in Japan. Since then, this video game brand hasn’t stopped producing the most raved products not only of the youngsters but also of their parents. This is the reason why PS4 wholesale distributors are sprouting like mushrooms in the video game industry.

PS4 is the latest version of PlayStation launched back in 2013. It’s famous due to its tons of video games all in one console. Some of the famous games are Rogue Aces, We Happy Few, Dusty Raging Fist, League of Evil, Operation Warcade, and Project Nimbus. There are also upcoming releases including Yakuza 6, God of War, Just In Time Incorporated, and more.

All these sound like sky-high profit for those that have genius marketing strategies. And if you’re planning to acquire an inventory of PS4, here are some trustworthy distributors that you can contact.

Game World Distributors

This distributor is one of the most famous in the U.S. because of its wide inventory of video games and consoles. They are also the first of the few distributors that are able to release the Yakuza 6 game. They have tons of consoles too from Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox One, Sega, Dreamcast, and Wii. Game World has color options for the Sony PS4 consoles as well as complementing games for PS4. They also have gaming headsets compatible with the PS4 as well as cables and gift cards. If you want to visit personally, they have a headquarters in Corona, New York near the Queens Zoo.

PS4 wholesale distributors

U.S. Games Distributor

If you’re looking for PS4 consoles, you can never go wrong with U.S. Games Distributor. They have 7th generation consoles as well as other past versions that your retailer might look for. Aside from PS4, they also have Wii, Xbox, and Nintendo products. You can also purchase hard copies of video games from them too as complementary products for the PS4 consoles. They also have a load of gift cards for dozens of games and gaming platforms like other PS4 wholesale distributors.  This supplier is based in North Hills, California but you can contact them through their phone number or email provided on their website.

E3 Distribution

If you’re somewhere in Asia and looking for PS4 inventories, you can check out the E3 Distribution. They ship products across Southeast Asia that includes brands like PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, Mionix, Playseat, and dozens more. So far, they only offer gaming consoles sans the copy of video games if ever you’re planning to buy it too. All their offices are located in Singapore but they are reaching 12 countries in the region with over 250 stores worldwide. Although PS4 isn’t their flagship product, you can surely get quality inventory here. If you’re in Singapore and you want to visit, you can go to their distributing office in Crescent Unity Center or their Concept Stores in Plaza Singapura, Bishan Junction 8, and Bugis Junction.


WholesGame is more known for their loads of video games for famous console brands. Still, they have a handsome inventory of PS4 Pro Consoles together with the popular counterparts like Nintendo, Xbox, and Wii. Based on their reviews, they have a selling potential of 8 out of 10 that is already excellent for a product with high competition. You can visit their online marketplace to find suppliers that will match your price range. There are also available gaming accessories here that you may also consider buying for your retailers. This distributor has offices in London and New York.


eSources is actually a massive platform for almost all wholesaling products you’re planning to buy. They have a short list of featured PS4 wholesale distributors that you can contact directly through the website. Most of these are distributors of electronic products and not just of sole video game goods. You can find here closeout deals that are way cheaper than brand new PS4s. This may somewhat sell better but it depends on your retailers’ orders. There are leads from U.K. and United States here if you’re looking for domestic or international suppliers.

PS4 wholesale distributors

BStock Sourcing

BStock is a large B2B marketplace where you can place bids for the products you’re intending to buy in bulk. All the products have closing dates where the biggest bid would get the inventory. Most of the time, the PS4 products and other gaming consoles are bid in pallets with a specific amount of units that can be as many as 231 units. Other offers are priced per piece at wholesale rates. There are many products here in BStock and you can actually source other goods that you’re also wholesaling. Just be careful in choosing the region and country where you are to possibly cut shipping costs by contacting closer PS4 wholesale distributors.

Curveball Leisure

Curveball is one of the top choices in the video game and console distribution. They have a complete inventory of PS Vista to PS4 consoles together with other gaming products from popular brands. There are also video games here where you can choose the format to fit the consoles you’re buying. They also provide DVD copies for easier selling to retailers. This distributor is currently based in U.K. and you can contact them to request a quote for your PS4 bulk orders.

Are you looking for PS4 wholesale distributors? This post would surely end the hunt for a reliable supplier of one of the most sought-after gaming console. Being a video game wholesaler is a challenging task due to the consistent competition in the industry. But with the quality inventory and unique marketing techniques, you can have decent turns on your capital per year. Did this post help you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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List of Reliable PS4 Wholesale Distributors For Your Inventory

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