Alibaba VS AliExpress: Which Has the Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors

Alibaba versus Aliexpress as a Wholesale Clothing Vendors
Alibaba versus Aliexpress as a Wholesale Clothing Vendors

You probably asked the following questions on how they exactly differ from each other and if you are looking for which has better options if you are looking for wholesale clothing vendors. Which is better? Which to choose from? Better read this article to know which of best wholesale clothing vendor for your clothing business.

You can’t actually compare the two because Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba in other words. What you bought in alibaba is probably on Aliexpress but there are really good differences between the two. So read on.

Where should I buy wholesale clothing products and where can I look for suppliers to import from China?”,

Is Alibaba the same as Aliexpress?” These are very common questions that come in mind whenever we think about importing goods from China. This post is dedicated to them who are searching for the difference between Alibaba vs. Aliexpress. 

Here we go!

Alibaba and Aliexpress are from the same group of companies known as Alibaba Group, whose visionary founder is the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma. Let’s dive into the comparison now.

Alibaba as A Wholesale Clothing Vendor

wholesale clothing vendors
Wholesale Clothing Vendors – alibaba was the first online sales portal launched by the group, back in 1999. Practically anything imaginable is available here for sale, from laptops to screws or dog food. Alibaba itself is not just a clothing vendor, it has a collection of clothing vendors that delivers worldwide, primarily in the USA.

There is a catch, however, orders require a minimum order, which can be hundreds or thousands of units. is primarily an online sales service between companies and therefore some minimum orders are of tons or thousands of units.  We have stated before on our posts Alibaba is one of the best place to buy wholesale products.

Thousands of buyers search for products to buy in wholesale and Alibaba offers the cheapest ones. Most buyers prefer the following to buy in wholesale.

  • Find the best wholesale for women’s clothing
  • Suppliers for kids clothing
  • Wholesale suppliers that can be delivered in the USA
  • Small businesses looking for wholesale suppliers

They are the main crowd of

Just as in some physical stores, they offer a discount for buying several units, the suppliers can optimize their production and offer you a great price for large orders.

A Little History of Alibaba

As discussed in the corporate website, the name came simply because it was a character that has a worldwide identity and easy to pronounce in many languages.

So, the name of Alibaba comes from “Ali Baba”, the fictional character of the story ”Ali Baba and the forty thieves” from ‘The Thousand and One Nights’”.  The same name of the group and AliExpress mixes the name with the concept ‘Express’, probably in relation to the possibility of buying fewer units.

Alibaba is THE giant of B2B (business-to-business) domain. Here companies supply product to other companies. It includes the best wholesale clothing, general wholesale and more. Alibaba is happily serving Wholesale clothing manufacturers, Plus size wholesale vendors, wholesale plus size clothing suppliers and other wholesale vendors with commendable service.

Alibaba is Not All From China Products

In Alibaba you can find all kinds of products and also services from practically all parts of the world, not only from China:

  • Rice from Thailand or Indonesia
  • Rugs from Bali or Turkey
  • Taiwanese, Japanese or Korean machinery
  • Spare parts for cars
  • Norway salmon
  • Olive oil from Greece
  • Clothing from Bangladesh

Aliexpress handles a lower volume of product compared to Alibaba. So, the wholesale distributors of different countries can get the maximum benefit of using Alibaba.

The shipment of the merchandise purchased in Alibaba is done through a shipper by air or sea.

Payment is made through bank transfer, letter of credit or western union, the latter is the least recommended and scams are frequently paying through this medium. Many of the wholesale distributors located in the USA prefers Alibaba the most.

However, being such large orders, the process is a little complex. In most cases you need to contact the seller to discuss the details before the order is confirmed, instead of adding it to the cart, paying and waiting as on other sites.

Aliexpress As A Wholesale Clothing Vendor

Aliexpress is a portal for personal purchases just like the Amazon in the USA and you can use your credit card for buying the products you want.  On Aliexpress, you can find literally everything. 

Products Most Bought in Aliexpress are:

  • Mobile phones (many phones and excellent quality, such as Xiaomi or Huawei)
  • Accessories for mobile
  • Smartwatches
  • Costumes for women
  • Clothes for men
  • Clothes for kids
  • Economic and very pretty jewelry
  • Toys
  • Educational materials (Montessori materials, for example, look at them here)
  • Beauty articles, especially:
  • Wigs and hair extensions very well made
  • semi-permanent enamels for nails (so you can save a bundle)
  • False eyelashes
  • Sportswear
  • New products
  • New tendencies
  • Clothes by the bunch
  • Clothing accessories
  • electronics
  • Toys (many toys!)
  • Decoration items and many more.

Concisely, there are more than thirteen categories of products to choose what to buy. It offers a tremendous amount of available products, mobiles for instance.

Wholesale Clothing for Women

Wholesale clothing for women
Wholesale clothing for women

We tried searching for a wholesale clothing for women in Aliexpress and it showed us more than 600,000 of available products!

Truly, there are some outlets and there is a versatile range of products available on the website.

Don’t Get Intimated with the Shipping Cost

The shipping costs generally appear on the page.  The products are shipped either by email (China Post) or by a courier company such as DHL or FedEx.

Customers have the option to rate each of the stores.   Every store assures quality and satisfactory product. The purchased products can be paid by credit card. Paypal is not available, but Alipay is a payment system also developed by the Alibaba group, which is safe and works with a credit card.

Wholesale clothing vendors are all listed in Alibaba or Aliexpress. The point is which has the better deals. Some users enjoy buying on Aliexpress its so easy to shop.

How to Register and Buy on Aliexpress

 The first thing you should do is register as a buyer on Aliexpress. It’s free. You can do it with your Facebook account. You can also register using your email. Fill in your information and enter your password. It’s done! Just verify your account through the link that will come to your registered email account to start purchasing!

The top bar will help you search for a particular product.

Also, on Aliexpress you can choose your country (to know how much the shipment cost will come out and what will be the expected delivery time) and choose the currency in which you see the cost of the product- US dollars, Euros, Chilean pesos, Mexican pesos and more.

If you want to browse the site, on the left you will find all the product categories that Aliexpress offers:

  • Men’s fashion
  • Woman fashion
  • Telephony
  • Computing
  • electronics
  • Jewelry and watches
  • House and garden
  • Bags and shoes
  • Mom and baby
  • Sports and leisure
  • Health and Beauty
  • Engine
  • DIY

Hope this gives you a clear idea about Alibaba vs. Aliexpress. Now choose the right one that suits your requirements the best and enjoy shopping like never before!

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Alibaba VS AliExpress: Which Has the Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors

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